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Cloth Dolls

Cloth Dolls

Our dolls are made by doll artisans who take pride in their work. Creating a cloth doll by hand can take time but it ensures uniqueness. Using only the highest quality fabric available, the dresses are designed and fashioned to give each doll a definitive style. The facial features are hand sewn, the tip of the hand is stitched to identify fingers, body is stuff with new polyester fiberfill and the vinyl shoes complete each doll. Whether you are looking for an American cloth doll, Latino cloth doll, African American cloth doll, Asian cloth doll, Middle Eastern cloth doll, Grandparents cloth doll, Clown cloth doll, and Fruit cloth doll we have a variety of cloth dolls that will meet your needs.

We are committed to making dolls of quality. We use only organic biodegradable and natural materials that are environment friendly and child safe. These dolls were made with your child safety in mind. Dolls are designed especially for children about the right age who will play these dolls. They are one of a kind and no two are exactly alike because that is the nature of handmade.

The one of a kind America Dolls are available in (white) Caucasian, brown, and black or dark. They are 20 inches tall.

The Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean and Vietnamese are available in 12 inches.

The dolls has realistic body proportion. Their beautiful faces appeal to doll lovers of all ages, whether they are to be played with or collected. They are dressed as dolls should be.

Each doll body is constructed with cotton fabric , yarn hair and wears dresses as a girl should be.dressed . It is made to withstand years of play

The dresses are designed to suit the child age who will play with the doll.

The body of the doll is stuff with new fiberfill. The soft body is a perfect playmate for any age and gives feeling of comfort and a friend who will always be there when needed. Meet the Nation Of Dolls-A colorful bunch of dolls that will surely bring joy to all girls and women alike. We carry a variety of handmade dolls crafted by skilled doll artisans. They are created with your child in mind.. Children can identify the dolls on personal level. Nationofdolls .com was created to improve the lives of a small island in the Philippines. When you purchase a doll, part of the proceeds are returned to the community. To learn more about our story visit About Us. Clothes can be washed or change and interchangeable.